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Do you need to handle the information of tenants every month? Well. It can be Herculean task Basic required information such as Name, contact no., address, office address and uploading necessary documents of the tenant. To give you ease and saving a lot of time, ATS Infosystem offer Tenant Management system. It is an online service where clients can easily register and manage the information of their tenants. Property owners can make use of the software to carry out all the calculations automatically without any sort of mistake. Managers can get back the details from the database and can create personalized reports using e the information in extremely meaningful approach.

ATS Infosystem allows Tenant members to add number of members in a single room with important info and documents. Consider it, there is no need to take more headaches -- Tenant Management is hard enough by itself. Now, you have to discover a good software program to find your rising business organized. Hand scribbled notes as well as mountains of document are a thing of the past – luckily.

Here, you share the info about the room, manage a number of floors, number of rooms at floor, Room specialties (Balcony, Furnished, Non furnished), handle rent and other charges for single room.

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Tenant Management

A software that where you can manage all your tenants informations


Intelligent & creative

Have a look on the following characteristics in the Tenant Management offered by ATS Infosystem:

  • Flexibility

    Handling rental property is extremely flexible enough to meet all the present needs. If any sort of changes required, you can easily make modification according to your needs.

  • Simplicity of use

    Even if you are not efficient in managing the software, this system is extremely easy to handle. Moreover, you can look ahead with quick response time.

  • Independence of Platform

    ATS Infosystem offers you independent platform so that it can share important information with confidence.

  • Security

    It is extremely common that we remain concerned about the security. Well. ATS Infosystem promises you to have complete security. We also support online money transactions.

  • Best prices

    Tenant management offered at ATS Infosystem is extremely friendly and affordable. The service is free with maximum 5 rooms and 1 floor. For more than 5 rooms and floor, the client has to pay a nominal charge per month.

    It is easy to collect rent online on the particular payment dates. You can practice all the repairing needs from tenants. You can also generate reports of single property units in order to discover their fiscal worth at any position of time. SMS alert services to tenant and owner remind both parties about the renting.

    Tenant management allows a manager to carry out all the actions speedily, accurately and successfully. One can easily store the voluminous data in the central database which can be accessed 24*7 from any location. Contact the team of ATS Infosystem anytime for more assistance.

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