Employee Management is compulsory for every company to maintain stability in the market and perform well in the market. In today's world, it is extremely hard, difficult to handle and maintain employees in any organization. Employee Management is extremely helpful to manage your employees for smooth performance of your organization. These management skills can positively assist you to meet -achieve the goals set and perform better on the metrics to run a beneficial business.

ATS Infosystem understands that for an effectively managed business you require to carry out proper planning and decide what requires to be done, how it requires to be completed and which employee will do what. It also includes setting targets, hand over the task, and managing the essential resources that are accessible at the time. The main theme of Employee Management is the right distribution of the duties as well as responsibilities.

One should be very cautious while assigning responsibilities to employees. You should provide the right employee the right job, which should not be allocated on the views of personal interest, but should hand over as per the ability of an employee to complete it more beneficially and efficiently.

Employee Management is not simply restricted to getting the work completed, but it also assists you to make sure the performance of an employee, whether or not an employee is an under performer for a long time period. To determine this issue you essentially have two choices; you either finish the services of that worker or inspire him to give a better presentation.

Amongst these two choices, the best would forever be to try and inspire the employee as employee management works on the standard of making people, instead of breaking them. Termination of an employee can many times turn quite stressful for both the management and the worker as it would again effect in a loss of a trained reserve for the business.

A highly developed employee management that boosts the efficiency of employees becomes essential to calculate the employee payment to profits, success and development of the company. So, for increasing the efficiency in the office or company you have to be using employee management, this will boosts your company's growth.

The employee management assists to keep a comprehensive record of all the employees working in the organization. It is significant for the institution to confirm the employee before hiring and the employee management method inquires the employee to enter all appropriate data and stores all necessary papers in the database.

The employee management also keeps a track of the employee information like their medical information, personal details and salary among others. The employee management is a complete database through which the administration section can access any information of the worker. It also assists the employee to keep track of his/her income information, attendance, monthly/yearly performance or any other information.

If you are interested in employee management offered by ATS Infosystem, contact the team of professional having years of experience in the management sector.

Employee Management

A software that where you can manage all your employees informations


Intelligent & creative

ATS Infosystem offers Employee Management where a company can easily manage personal data, company data, relatives, history, documents, equipment, knowledge, fringe benefits, absences, labor experience, contracts, salaries, qualifications, courses, certificates, and holidays, delays, overtime hours, congratulations, warnings and sanctions.

Attendance management
  • Daily report
  • Monthly report
  • Yearly report
  • Time relaxation option
  • Shift time management option for department or specific employee
  • Data can be uploaded from excel or Bio-metric punching machine data file
Department management
  • Department
  • Sub Department
Event management
  • Birthday and Anniversary alert
  • Office holiday alert
Salary management
  • Automatic salary calculation at the end of month
  • Automatic salary slip generation
  • Monthly report
  • Yearly report
Information management
  • All information about employee documents, department, salary etc.
Leave management
  • Monthly leave
  • Yearly leave

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